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Zhejiang Daye Auto Parts Co.,Ltd was established in 1999. It is a professional China Hydraulic Log Splitter Pumps Manufacturers and oem Hydraulic wood Splitter Pumps factory, we are specializing in custom Hydraulic wood Splitter Pumps. Our products involve automobile trucks, construction machinery, mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, motors, hardware, electrical equipment, etc.

Our company covers 13,000 ㎡ area with more than 150 staffs. There are 11 professional technicians, 9 people for management, more than 130 workers.

The organization of the Company is sound (that is, it has the general manager office, management department, technical department, purchasing department, health management department, quality control department, logistics department, marketing department and finance department), The production is organized under ISO / TS 16949: 2016 System to make sure the quality of our products.

Our Company has advanced machining and testing equipment, with an annual output of 100,000 sets steering pumps. Our company has 15 self-developed patented technologies (including 1 invention patent and 14 utility model patents);

Our Hydraulic Log Splitter Pumps products are exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asian countries with good brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

And we are adhering to the principle that "starting from the customer needs, keeping customer satisfaction," continuing to carry out technological transformation of production And product technology upgrades.

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Hydraulic Log Splitter Pumps Industry Knowledge Extension

A hydraulic log splitter pump is a hydraulic gear pump used in a hydraulic log splitter to generate the hydraulic power required by the log splitter. The hydraulic pump is driven by an electric motor or gasoline engine, which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, and drives the hydraulic cylinder to drive the splitting wedge.
A hydraulic pump consists of two or more gears that rotate and create a vacuum to draw hydraulic oil into the pump. As the gear rotates, hydraulic fluid is pushed out of the pump and into the hydraulic cylinder, which moves the splitting wedge.
Hydraulic log splitter pumps are usually designed to operate at a specific flow and pressure, which can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the log splitter. The flow rate determines how fast the cylinder moves, while the pressure determines how much force the cylinder can generate to split the log.
When selecting a hydraulic log splitter pump, it is important to consider the required flow and pressure, as well as power source and installation options. Hydraulic log splitter pumps are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of different log splitters.

Where Can Hydraulic Log Splitter Pumps Be Applied?
Hydraulic log splitter pumps are used in hydraulic log splitters, mainly for wood splitting, woodworking or other purposes. Hydraulic log splitter pumps are used in a variety of applications, including:
1. Residential use: Homeowners often use hydraulic log splitters to split wood for their fireplaces or wood stoves.
Commercial Use: Hydraulic log splitters are also used in commercial applications such as firewood processing, forestry and landscaping.
2. Industrial use: Hydraulic log splitters are used in industrial applications, such as wood processing and manufacturing, where large quantities of wood need to be split quickly and efficiently.
3. Agricultural use: Hydraulic log splitters are used in agricultural applications such as farming and ranching where the wood can be used for fencing or other purposes.
4. Construction Uses: Hydraulic log splitters can be used in construction applications such as demolition operations where timber needs to be split for disposal.
In addition to hydraulic log splitters, hydraulic log splitter pumps can also be used in other hydraulic equipment and machinery, such as hydraulic presses and hydraulic lifts.

What Are The Requirements For The Use Of Hydraulic Log Splitter Pumps?
The use of hydraulic log splitter pumps requires some basic requirements to ensure efficient and safe operation. These requirements include:
1. Power source: The hydraulic wood splitting pump needs a power source, such as an electric motor or a gasoline engine to drive the hydraulic pump to generate the hydraulic power required for wood splitting.
2. Hydraulic Oil: Hydraulic log splitter pumps require hydraulic oil to operate the hydraulic system. The hydraulic fluid must be clean and free of contaminants to prevent damage to hydraulic pumps and other components.
3. Hydraulic hoses: Hydraulic log splitter pumps require hydraulic hoses to connect the pump to the hydraulic cylinders and other components. The hydraulic hose must be sized and rated for the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system.
4. Pressure relief valve: Hydraulic log splitter pumps require a pressure relief valve to protect the hydraulic system from overpressure. Pressure relief valves should be set for the rated pressure of the hydraulic system.
5. Safety features: Hydraulic log splitter pumps require safety features such as safety lockout switches to prevent accidental operation and ensure safe operation.
6. Maintenance: Hydraulic log splitter pumps require regular maintenance to ensure efficient and safe operation. This includes checking and changing hydraulic fluid, checking hydraulic hoses and connections, and lubricating hydraulic pumps and other components.
By meeting these requirements, a hydraulic log splitting pump can provide efficient and safe operation for log splitting.