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The main reasons for the failure of agricultural machinery hydraulic pumps include:

(1) The hydraulic pump is difficult to pump oil or the pump oil pressure is insufficient. It may be caused by the difficulty of pump oil suction or the entry of air into the hydraulic system, or it may be caused by the unreasonable connection of the hydraulic pump inlet and oil outlet or the intercommunication of the axial and radial gaps. In response to this problem, the connecting bolts and nuts should be carefully checked to ensure that they are in a tight state. Second, the connection of the hydraulic pump inlet and oil outlet should be readjusted. If necessary, the hydraulic pump should be overhauled and the damaged parts replaced.

(2) The failure of the hydraulic pump motor may be caused by the improper connection of the motor connecting line. In addition, the serious leakage of the control valve leads to the interconnection of the high and low-pressure oil circuits, the deformation or damage of the pressure valve spring, and the blockage and obstruction of the damping hole of the control valve. , The pressure valve spool is stuck, which may cause the abnormality of the hydraulic pump motor. If the above situation is found, the connection circuit should be repaired first, and then the other causes of the failure should be analyzed after eliminating the circuit failure, and the control valve should be repaired in a targeted manner, and the aging and damaged components should be replaced; the pressure valve spring should be replaced; the control valve damping hole should be cleaned and dredged. ;Pressure valve maintenance and cleaning, enhancing the flexibility of valve core movement, etc.

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