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Automatic transmission gearbox has become the mainstream in the world, mainly including AT, AMT, CVT, and DCT.


The early transmission system of AT gearbox is mainly 4AT, and it develops in multiple directions, such as 6AT and 8AT. AT has the characteristics of smooth shifting, good comfort, and a strong ability to transmit power, but its fuel economy is poor and the manufacturing cost is high.


AMT is based on the traditional manual transmission, only the manual operation part is changed, and automatic shifting is realized through an electronically controlled automatic control system. AMT has a simple structure, low cost, and good fuel economy, but its comfort is poor and automation control is difficult.


CVT is a true continuously variable transmission with few parts and small volume and has the advantages of high efficiency and low fuel consumption. It can also be used as a power coupling and transmission to match hybrid vehicles. However, it has disadvantages such as complicated manufacturing, large investment, easy damage to the transmission belt, and short lifespan.


DCT adopts the structure of two clutches, and the shifting process is similar to that of AT. DCT inherits the advantages of good fuel economy and high-quality manual transmission, there is no power interruption during the shifting process, and the shifting comfort is good.


IVT is now actively developed or industrialized by many companies, which may become a new direction for future development.


Cone-ring CVT referred to as KRG, is a CVT with a wide range of performance matching. Compared with the traditional CVT, the design of the KRG transmission system is simpler, the machining accuracy of the parts is not as high as that of the CVT, and the manufacturing cost is low. Most of the parts are standard parts, and the material used for the cone is ordinary steel. low cost. The biggest advantage of KRG is that it has very few parts and is durable.


At present, many hybrid vehicles are equipped with electronic continuously variable transmission (ECVT). ECVT is composed of a set of planetary gear sets and multiple motors, and the speed change is realized through the planetary gears on the planetary row, the clutch, and the speed regulating motor.


Compared with ordinary CVT, ECVT has no hydraulic torque converter, steel belt, and other structures, the structure is simpler, and the structure can be made more compact. Although it is superior in all aspects, ECVT also has very high requirements for the reliability, power, and operation accuracy of the control motor. Once the motor on it fails, the transmission will be completely shut down, which is also one of the potential risks of ECVT.


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