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We all know that the hydraulic gear pump is the power component of the entire system, but some users find that the pressure does not rise when the pump is turned on during use, and according to user analysis, it is known that the pump has internal leakage and cracks. So today I will come to talk to everyone about the causes and solutions of these two failures. Let us understand together!
1. Reasons for leakage in hydraulic gear pump
1. End face leakage. This is the gap between the gear end face and the end thrust plate which is the cause of the pump leakage. This place also occupies a large leakage ratio. Therefore, the wear of the thrust plate or the floating bushing may cause leakage. Increase the pressure, which affects the pump displacement and pressure;
2. Radial leakage. This kind of leakage refers to the leakage between the gear tooth top circle and the surface of the cavity of the pump body, and the wear of the tooth top or the pump cavity is aggravated, thereby leaking;
3. Meshing line leakage, it is impossible to achieve meshing for the entire width of the gear. The resulting leakage is called meshing line leakage, and the tooth surface is severely worn, causing the leakage to increase;
Solution: Replace or repair the thrust plate, replace or repair the gear, replace or repair the gear.
2. Reasons for the cracks in the pump body of the hydraulic gear pump
1. Caused by improper installation of the pump;
2. The pump is suffocated by high pressure;
3. There is a problem with the screw pre-tightening torque, which leads to excessive stress and damage;
Solution: Replace the pump with a new one and follow the instructions to install, adjust the pump pressure, and adjust the screw pre-tightening torque.
The above content is the reason why the hydraulic gear pump has internal leakage and the pump body has cracks shared by the editor. If the pump we use has these two conditions, then you may wish to try the reasons organized by the editor to solve the problem. Failure, I hope it helps everyone.