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The hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system. Its function is to provide pressure oil to the hydraulic system. From the perspective of energy conversion, it converts the mechanical energy output by the prime mover (such as an engine) into the pressure energy of the liquid that is easy to transport. Today, let's talk about the pressure and speed of the hydraulic pump.

hydraulic pump pressure

The working pressure of the hydraulic pump refers to the pressure of the pump (or motor) output (or input) oil during actual work, which is determined by the external load.

The rated pressure refers to the highest pressure that can run continuously according to the test standard under normal working conditions. Its size is limited by the life, if the rated pressure is exceeded, the life of the pump (or motor) will be shorter than the designed life. When the working pressure is greater than the rated pressure, it is called overload.

Rotating speed

The working speed refers to the actual rotation speed of the pump (or motor) when it is working.

The rated speed refers to the highest speed that can run normally for a long time under the rated pressure. If the pump exceeds the rated speed, it will cause insufficient oil absorption, generate vibration and loud noise, and the parts will suffer from cavitation damage and shorten the service life.

The minimum stable speed refers to the minimum speed allowed for the normal operation of the motor. At this speed, the motor does not crawl.

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