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Everyone knows that the hydraulic gear pump is the heart of the hydraulic system. There must be a pump in the system and an energy conversion device. Its function is to make the flow move and convert mechanical energy into fluid energy. When the pump is used for a long time, the oil temperature will rise too much, so how to deal with the excessive temperature rise of the hydraulic gear pump oil?

1. The oil temperature of the hydraulic gear pump is too high due to the continuous absorption of external heat and the decline in the heat dissipation capacity of the bearing. However, the design requirement is to operate at a constant speed or to use it below the rated voltage, which is not in line with the actual situation; the solution is generally to Take measures in time: for example, choose a constant power pump with a constant flow torque converter to reduce heat generation.

2. The second is to improve the process measures and improve the cleanliness and temperature of the cooling medium to speed up the lubricity of the bearing to reduce the increase in friction.

3. It is also necessary to thoroughly check the mechanical seal and replace the failed oil seal and sealing ring.

4. Install a fan on the output shaft of the system, and use it to inhale air to circulate repeatedly so that the heat source can be transmitted to the outside through the pipeline through the increased pressure, which can achieve the mechanism of rapidly cooling the liquid. We call this method an air-cooled hydraulic gear pump. , Also called cavitation hydraulic pump (the English name for the air-cooled hydraulic pump).

5. Another method is to install the automatic fan stop command equipped with a differential pressure relay on the gearbox control lever close to the exhaust hole, so as to completely blow off the waste heat generated at the exhaust as soon as possible.

6. In addition, when the manipulator fails or even an accident occurs, it will affect the continued operation of the motor at a low speed, resulting in local overload and a "burnout" phenomenon, causing the oil temperature to be too high. The so-called faults are often related to the abnormally increased torque and speed signals, which are cut off by the isolating switch signal. The combination of the two can make a simple judgment to accurately find the cause of the problem and solve the fault. It is necessary to first understand the cause of the fan chain trip fault. Possibly, the transmission shifts and ramps up to a higher rev.

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