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The hydraulic system of the tractor is the power device for manipulating the suspended agricultural implements. Its functions are to lift or lower the suspended agricultural implements, control the hanging position of the suspended agricultural implements, and adjust the tillage depth (or working height) of the suspended agricultural implements. Operate on work tools pulled by tractors, such as unloading hydraulic dump trailers.

In order to enable the tractor to hang a variety of farm implements and ensure that the quality of farm implements meets agronomic requirements, the hydraulic power unit is required to use high-pressure oil, the system has good sealing performance, and the size of the cylinder is small and the thrust is large, which can lift farm implements of sufficient weight, and the lifting time is short. , The lifting stroke is sufficient. For tractors with rated traction less than 5kN, the lifting stroke shall not be less than 400mm, and the lifting time shall not exceed 2s.

The hydraulic system has been widely used in tractors because of its compact structure, sensitive response, accurate action, and easy operation. However, due to the high failure rate of the hydraulic system, obviously affects the performance of the tractor and brings a lot of trouble to the user.

The tractor hydraulic suspension system is a suspension device that uses hydraulic pressure to lift and maintain agricultural implements in various positions, and generally can also output hydraulic power. The suspension connection can also change the stress state of the tractor, which is beneficial to improving the traction performance of the tractor. At present, the hydraulic suspension system has become an indispensable part of the tractor, and the common faults of the tractor hydraulic suspension system should be eliminated in time.

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