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Hydraulic technology is a modern control and transmission technology. It has obvious technical advantages in power transmission, stepless speed regulation, overload prevention, and automatic control, especially the organic combination of electronic technology and hydraulic technology, which further promotes mechanical automation. development of technology. Hydraulic technology is widely used in a variety of agricultural machinery, which significantly improves the automation of agricultural machinery and makes agricultural mechanized production more convenient. The following will introduce the application and development of agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery hydraulic pump technology.

Development and Application of Agricultural Machinery Hydraulic Pump Technology

Agricultural machinery technology is the basic guarantee for the development of agricultural production in my country. After years of development of agricultural machinery in China, the main food crops such as rice and corn have been mechanized in the whole process. Remarkable progress has also been made in the power shifting of tractors, the hydrostatic drive of agricultural machinery, and the related research on agricultural electro-hydraulic automation technology. Relying on hydraulic technology, many functions of agricultural machinery have been significantly improved. Technology applications are also increasing.

The traditional way of applying hydraulic technology

In traditional agricultural machinery, the hydraulic system is usually only used to provide power for the hydraulic cylinder, so as to realize the movement and adjustment of related functional structures. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the closer integration of hydraulic systems and agricultural machinery, hydraulic technology and The integration of agricultural machinery becomes more comprehensive. Taking the rear suspension system and steering control system of the tractor as an example, the electro-hydraulic rear suspension not only makes the connection between the tractor and the supporting agricultural implements simpler and more reliable but also can effectively meet the needs of the supporting agricultural implements for various hydraulic functions. The steering assist function is more conducive to ensuring the stability of the tractor during the operation of the supporting agricultural machinery. In addition, on large-scale machinery such as combine harvesters, the hydrostatic drive technology significantly reduces the power consumption of large-scale agricultural machinery, and the continuously variable speed function not only improves the operation efficiency of agricultural machinery but also effectively simplifies the mechanical structure.

New forms of hydraulic technology application

In the context of the rapid development of agricultural machinery technology and hydraulic technology, the degree of integration and matching between hydraulic technology and agricultural machinery is rapidly deepening. Taking the new combined harvester technology as an example, hydraulic technology has achieved a full range of applications in mechanical systems. The advanced hydraulic transmission and control technology can not only realize the automatic adjustment of the traveling speed of the large combine harvester, but also control the running speed of the threshing drum at the same time, and can control the unloading drum and the clutch. The current hydraulic technology has been able to achieve comprehensive control of the system through the application of a variety of valve bodies, which not only improves the operation efficiency of agricultural machinery, but also significantly reduces the working pressure of the operator, and promotes the development of agricultural machinery to intelligent agricultural machinery. Foundation.

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