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The abnormal noise of agricultural machinery hydraulic pump system mainly comes from the following points:


1. Noise caused by an abnormal hydraulic pump.


The main reason is that the parts such as vanes and bearings in the hydraulic pump have problems of aging and wear during long-term use, which makes the matching accuracy difficult to meet the precise work requirements. The abnormality of the hydraulic pump may also be caused by the serious wear between the axial directions, which also affects the oil delivery function to a certain extent. For the abnormal noise of the hydraulic pump, the source of the noise should be analyzed first. For the problems caused by the aging of the blades and other parts, the damaged parts should be replaced in time. If the axial wear is the problem, the axial clearance should be repaired.


2. Noise caused by the abnormal control valve.


It may be caused by the deformation or inflexibility of the control valve seat, the deformation, and failure of the pressure regulating spring in the control valve, or the excessive clearance between the control valve hole and the control valve core, which leads to the communication of high and low-pressure oil, and the failure of the control valve seat seal. In view of the above problems, identify the cause of the failure and carry out the grinding treatment of the control valve seat, the replacement of the pressure regulating spring, and the grinding treatment of the control valve hole to ensure that the function of the control valve returns to normal.


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