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The transmission gearbox, one of the auto parts, is a device that changes the speed ratio and direction of motion. It is used in automobiles, tractors, ships, machine tools,  and various machines to change the torque, speed, and direction of motion transmitted from the driving shaft to the driven shaft according to different working conditions. A gearbox for gear transmission generally consists of a case and a number of gear pairs.

The types of gearboxes include MT, AT, AMT, CVT, and DCT.

1. MT: Manual transmission is the earliest and most traditional form of transmission, with good reliability and stability. The structure is simple, and the shift fork is mainly controlled by the shift lever, so that several groups of gears of different sizes mesh together to realize the shift. Its advantages are good reliability and durability, high power transmission efficiency, low maintenance cost, and can bring fun for the driver.

2. AT: Automatic transmission is the most widely used transmission form at present. Compared with a manual transmission, its structure is more complicated. It mainly relies on the hydraulic transmission of transmission oil to transmit power, and shifts gears by planetary gear sets. Its advantages are convenient and fast operation, high driving comfort, reliability, and stability.

3. AMT: Mechanical automatic transmission, which is very different from the automatic transmission. It is based on manual transmission and is equipped with a set of electronic control components to achieve the purpose of automatic gear switching. The essence of the internal structure is still A manual transmission. Its advantages are good fuel economy and extremely high transmission efficiency, and it is widely installed on Ferrari and other supercars that require extreme performance.

4. CVT: Continuously variable transmission, mainly through the hydraulic mechanism to change the groove width of the driving wheel and the driven wheel to change the transmission ratio. Since there is no fixed transmission gear ratio and the transmission ratio is continuously variable, its advantages are smooth shifting, comfort without frustration, and super fuel-efficient.

5. DCT: Dual-clutch transmission, which can be said to be a combination of two manual transmissions, and then add a set of automatic shifting mechanisms, which is divided into "dry" and "wet", mainly in the clutch part and The heat dissipation design is different, and whether it can adapt to greater power output requirements. Its advantages are high transmission efficiency, fuel saving, fast shifting speed, and simple operation.

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