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Zhejiang Daye Auto Parts Co.,Ltd was established in 1999. It is a professional China Tractor Gear Pumps Manufacturers and custom Tractor Gear Pumps suppliers, we are specializing in custom Tractor Gear Pumps. Our products involve automobile trucks, construction machinery, mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, motors, hardware, electrical equipment, etc.

Our company covers 13,000 ㎡ area with more than 150 staffs. There are 11 professional technicians, 9 people for management, more than 130 workers.

The organization of the Company is sound (that is, it has the general manager office, management department, technical department, purchasing department, health management department, quality control department, logistics department, marketing department and finance department), The production is organized under ISO / TS 16949: 2016 System to make sure the quality of our products.

Our Company has advanced machining and testing equipment, with an annual output of 100,000 sets steering pumps. Our company has 15 self-developed patented technologies (including 1 invention patent and 14 utility model patents);

Our Tractor Gear Pumps products are exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asian countries with good brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

And we are adhering to the principle that "starting from the customer needs, keeping customer satisfaction," continuing to carry out technological transformation of production And product technology upgrades.

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Products Industry Knowledge Extension

A tractor gear pump is a type of hydraulic pump used in tractors and other agricultural machinery to transmit hydraulic fluid and power to different components. A gear pump has two gears, one is the driving gear and the other is the driven gear. These gears rotate in opposite directions and create a vacuum that draws hydraulic oil into the pump. As the gears continue to spin, they push fluid out of the pump and into the hydraulic system.

Working Principle Of Tractor Gear Pump
Tractor gear pumps work on the positive displacement principle. It has two gears - a drive gear and a driven gear - that rotate in opposite directions. As the gears rotate, they create a vacuum that draws hydraulic oil into the pump. Fluid is trapped between the teeth of the gear and the pump casing, and as the gear continues to rotate, fluid is forced out of the pump and into the hydraulic system.
The two gears mesh together so they are always in contact with each other. As the gear rotates, fluid flows around the periphery of the gear from the inlet to the outlet. Gears are shaped and sized to produce a specific volume of fluid flow for a given rotational speed. The pump's capacity is determined by the speed of the gears and the amount of fluid displaced per revolution of the gears.
Hydraulic fluid enters the pump through the inlet and exits through the outlet. The pump casing is designed with a pressure relief valve to limit the pressure of the hydraulic oil to prevent damage to the system.
Generally speaking, the working principle of a tractor gear pump is relatively simple and clear. It uses the rotational motion of gears to generate hydraulic pressure and flow, making it an efficient and reliable way to power the hydraulic systems of tractors and other agricultural machinery.

What Are The Uses Of Tractor Gear Pumps?
Tractor gear pumps are an important part of hydraulic systems used in agricultural machinery. Here are some common uses for tractor gear pumps:
1. Power Steering: Tractors equipped with hydraulic power steering systems rely on gear pumps to transmit hydraulic oil and power to the steering system.
2. Lifting system: The tractor gear pump is used to power the hydraulic lifting system, which is used to raise and lower agricultural implements such as plows, cultivators, and lawn mowers.
3. Brakes: Tractor brakes can be driven by a hydraulic system driven by a gear pump. This provides reliable and consistent braking performance.
4. Transmission: Some tractors use a hydraulic system to power their transmission. A tractor gear pump can be used to transfer hydraulic oil to the transmission and keep it running smoothly.
5. Cooling system: The tractor gear pump is also used to deliver coolant through the engine and keep it from overheating.
Overall, the tractor gear pump is an important component in the hydraulic system of tractors and other agricultural machinery. They help provide reliable and efficient power transmission to various parts of machines, making them essential for farming and other farming activities.