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Zhejiang Daye Auto Parts Co.,Ltd was established in 1999. It is a professional China Transmission Gears Manufacturers and oem/odm Transmission Gears suppliers, we are specializing in custom Transmission Gears. Our products involve automobile trucks, construction machinery, mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, motors, hardware, electrical equipment, etc.

Our company covers 13,000 ㎡ area with more than 150 staffs. There are 11 professional technicians, 9 people for management, more than 130 workers.

The organization of the Company is sound (that is, it has the general manager office, management department, technical department, purchasing department, health management department, quality control department, logistics department, marketing department and finance department), The production is organized under ISO / TS 16949: 2016 System to make sure the quality of our products.

Our Company has advanced machining and testing equipment, with an annual output of 100,000 sets steering pumps. Our company has 15 self-developed patented technologies (including 1 invention patent and 14 utility model patents);

Our Transmission Gears products are exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asian countries with good brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

And we are adhering to the principle that "starting from the customer needs, keeping customer satisfaction," continuing to carry out technological transformation of production And product technology upgrades.

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Transmission Gears Industry Knowledge Extension

What Is A Hydraulic Power Unit?
A Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is an independent power source that generates hydraulic power for a wide variety of hydraulic equipment and machinery. It consists of hydraulic pumps, motors, tanks, filters, valves, and other components that work together to generate, control, and distribute hydraulic power.
Hydraulic power units are widely used in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications such as machine tools, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and aircraft ground support equipment. They can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as pressure, flow, and temperature, and can be designed for indoor or outdoor use.
What Products Do Hydraulic Power Units Include?
1. Hydraulic pump: The hydraulic pump is the main component of the hydraulic power unit, which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
2. Motor: The motor is used to drive the hydraulic pump to generate hydraulic power.
3. Fluid storage tank: The fluid storage tank is a tank containing hydraulic oil, which is necessary to transmit hydraulic power to different components.
4. Filters: Filters are used to remove contaminants and keep the hydraulic oil clean so that the hydraulic system can function properly.
5. Valves: Valves are used to control the flow of hydraulic oil to different components such as hydraulic cylinders and motors.
6. Accumulators: Accumulators are used to storing hydraulic energy and maintain system pressure during pressure drops or peak demand.
7. Cooling system: The cooling system is used to maintain the proper temperature of the hydraulic oil and prevent overheating.
8. Control system: The control system is used to monitor and control the operation of the hydraulic power unit, such as pressure, flow, and temperature.
In general, a hydraulic power unit consists of a series of components that work together to generate, control, and distribute hydraulic power for a variety of industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. Specific components and designs of hydraulic power units may vary depending on the application and specific requirements.
What Is The Function Of Hydraulic Power Units?
A Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is used to generate the hydraulic power that can be used to operate a variety of hydraulic equipment and machinery. Following are some of the features of hydraulic power units:
1. Convert mechanical power to hydraulic power: The hydraulic power unit converts mechanical power from an electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine, or another power source into hydraulic power that can be used to operate hydraulic machinery.
2. Storing and distributing hydraulic oil: The HPU typically includes a reservoir that stores hydraulic oil and a system of pumps, valves, and piping to distribute the fluid to the hydraulic equipment that needs it.
3. Control the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid: The hydraulic power unit includes valves and other control components that regulate the flow and pressure of the hydraulic fluid to ensure that it is delivered to the hydraulic equipment at the correct rate and pressure.
4. Maintain the cleanliness of hydraulic oil: HPU usually includes filters and other components to remove contaminants in hydraulic oil to prevent damage to hydraulic equipment.
5. Operating Hydraulic Cylinders: The HPU can be used to operate hydraulic cylinders, which are commonly used in industrial and mobile applications to generate linear force.
6. Operate hydraulic motors: HPU can also be used to operate hydraulic motors to convert hydraulic energy into rotational force to power various types of equipment.
Overall, hydraulic power units play a key role in powering a wide variety of hydraulic equipment and machinery in a wide range of industrial and mobile applications.