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Hydraulic Pump has the advantages of high power, simple installation and arrangement, easy to control, convenient and comfortable operation, low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc. It is very suitable for the application of agricultural machinery with variable structure and poor working conditions.

For decades, hydraulic technology has not only been used more and more in agricultural machinery, machine tools, construction machinery, construction machinery, aerospace equipment, etc., but also formed a huge market. my country's agricultural machinery uses hydraulic components, with the largest number, the least variety and the lowest price, so it is the industry field with the most development potential.

Hydraulic technology shows strong vitality in the application of agricultural machinery. It will focus on the development of products in several fields such as field operation machinery, water-saving equipment, agricultural supporting power and key components, and agricultural transportation that realize the mechanization of the whole process of rice and corn production. Key technology research, including tractor, combine harvester power shift and hydrostatic drive technology, combine harvester electro-hydraulic automatic operation monitoring technology and control technology.

In the new century, my country's agricultural machinery industry will make significant progress, and the application of hydraulic technology in agricultural machinery will show strong vitality, making important contributions to improving the technical content of agricultural machinery products and narrowing the gap with foreign countries.

After the reform and development, the purchasing power of farmers has increased, especially the combined harvester relocation pioneered by farmers in my country has promoted the development of agricultural machinery in China, accelerated the pace of the adoption of hydraulic technology in agricultural machinery, and opened up opportunities for more agricultural machinery products to apply hydraulic technology. door.

Therefore, in our country, agricultural machinery has become the most active and potential field for the use of hydraulic technology. It can be predicted that the 21st century is an era when hydraulic technology shines brightly in agriculture. Every hydraulic technician should try his best to use his wisdom and sweat to add luster to this era and make his own contribution to the development of my country's agricultural machinery industry.

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