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The main advantages of gear pumps are simple structure, small volume, light weight, good manufacturability, low price, strong self-priming ability, insensitivity to oil pollution, large speed range, convenient maintenance and reliable operation. Low-pressure gear pumps are widely used in low-pressure (below 25 × 105pa) hydraulic systems, such as machine tools and various oil replenishment, lubrication and cooling devices. After certain measures are taken in the structure of the gear pump, a higher working pressure can also be achieved. The medium pressure gear pump is mainly used in the hydraulic system of the machine tool rolling equipment. Medium and high pressure and high pressure gear pumps are mainly used in agricultural and forestry machinery, construction machinery, marine machinery and aviation technology.

Like the gear pump, the gear hydraulic motor has poor sealing and low volumetric efficiency, so the input oil pressure cannot be too high, so it cannot generate a large torque, and the speed and torque are pulsating with the gear meshing. . Gear hydraulic motors are mostly used in hydraulic systems with high speed and low torque. Gear pumps can generally be used directly as hydraulic motors, that is, both gear pumps and gear hydraulic motors are reversible.

Classification of gear pumps: Gear pumps work on the principle of gear meshing, and are divided into external meshing gear pumps and internal meshing gear pumps according to different meshing forms.

The structure of the gear pump consists of a pair of gears, pump body, front and rear cover plates, long and short shafts with identical geometric parameters.

The working principle of the gear pump: the two meshing gear teeth divide the sealed volume surrounded by the pump body, the front and rear cover plates and the gears into two parts. The side closed volume is increased, and the oil is sucked through the oil suction port.

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