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When the output speed, torque and geometric position of the output shaft of the power machinery are not compatible with the requirements of the working machinery, a gear transmission device can be used to connect them to meet the different requirements of different working conditions. The technical and economic comprehensive index is the most fundamental factor in selecting a gear transmission scheme, especially for important or high-power transmissions, which should be the starting point for selection. Generally, for smaller power transmission, the transmission device with simple structure and low initial cost should be selected under the premise of satisfying working performance; for larger power transmission, the transmission efficiency should be given priority to save energy and reduce operation and maintenance costs. . In addition, the selection of gear transmission must be in line with the level of design and manufacturing technology, usually as far as possible to use standard general-purpose gear transmission products professionally produced by gears and gears.

Features of the transmission gear:

The transmission gear is a mechanical transmission that transmits power and motion by using the teeth of two gears to mesh with each other. According to the relative position of the gear axis, it is divided into parallel axis cylindrical gear transmission, intersecting axis bevel gear transmission and staggered axis helical gear transmission. It has the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency and long service life.

Gear transmission refers to a device that directly transmits motion and power with the teeth of the main and driven gears.

Among all mechanical transmissions, gear transmission is the most widely used, which can be used to transmit motion and power between two shafts that are not far away from each other.

The characteristics of the transmission gear are: stable gear transmission, accurate transmission ratio, reliable operation, compact structure, high efficiency, long life, and wide range of power, speed and size. For example, the transmission power can be from very small to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts; the speed can be up to 300m/s; the gear diameter can be from a few millimeters to more than 20 meters. However, special equipment is required to manufacture gears, and the meshing transmission will generate noise.

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