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Briefly talk about some details of the hydraulic gear pump design.

Gear parameter selection: Reasonable design parameters can reduce gear noise, improve the strength and life of gears, reduce volume, and reduce weight.

1) Modulus m: a variety of options, such as double-modulus, double-diameter section, single-module, diameter section, etc. Shorter or higher gear teeth may be required in some applications, such as dual module gears in the tractor and forklift industries.

Straight teeth are simple to manufacture, although the noise is higher at high speed; if helical teeth are selected, the manufacturing difficulty is higher, and the noise is lower at high speed, but the gears will generate axial force, so extra attention should be paid to the selection of bearings.

2) Number of teeth Z: The gear pump introduced by the former Soviet Union in the 1970s was mainly used as a lubricating oil pump, so there were generally only 6 to 9 gears. The parameters of this series of gears are still widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and sanitation machinery. . Modern medium and high pressure gear pumps pay more attention to noise and stability, and the number of teeth is generally 12 to 15.

3) Pressure angle a: Normally, 20° pressure angle is directly selected. Gear pump for heavy-duty transmission, the pressure angle can be selected from 22.5°, 25°, 28°. When the degree of coincidence is sufficient, the pressure angle less than 20° is not selected except in special cases.

4) Center distance A: In order to avoid undercutting, gears with a small number of teeth will choose positive displacement, that is, the value of center distance A will be increased. The AMGA913-A98 standard requires us to comprehensively consider slip rate, flash temperature and flexural fatigue strength when selecting the displacement coefficient.

For gears with hard tooth surface, the relationship between center distance and tooth width should also be paid attention to when designing. It also has a reference formula: m=(0.016~0.0315)·A.

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