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Hydraulic wood splitter pump is a hydraulic powered wood processing equipment.

The hydraulic wood splitter contains all the basic components of hydraulic machinery:
The engine, usually a small four-stroke gasoline engine, powers the entire system. The engine is connected to a hydraulic oil pump. The hydraulic oil pump produces a high-pressure oil flow that sprays it into the valve. The operator can activate the hydraulic cylinder to split the wood by flipping the valve. At the same time, there is also a tank containing hydraulic oil to replenish the oil pump at any time, and a filter is also installed to keep the oil clean.

The equipped two-stage oil pump is a well-designed and time-saving device. This kind of oil pump actually contains two pump areas and an internal pressure-sensing valve in the middle for switching the two pump areas. One of the pump zones produces a maximum flow rate at lower pressure, which pulls the piston back out of the wood after splitting it. Pulling the piston back into the cylinder requires little force and needs to be done quickly, so the highest possible flow rate is required at lower pressures. When pushing the piston into the wood, the maximum pressure is required to generate the maximum splitting force. The flow rate is less important at this point.

product advantages
1. Prominent design: The user-friendly design of the hydraulic log splitter is small in size, light in weight, and compact in structure. It ensures that its use method is simple and easy to learn and only needs one person to operate.
2. High accuracy: Unlike most traditional wood splitting methods and equipment, the hydraulic wood splitter can accurately determine the splitting direction in advance and can achieve accuracy according to the required split shape and the size of the part to be taken out.
3. High safety performance: Hydraulic wood splitter uses the physical properties of hydraulic oil incompressibility and fluidity, and adds static thrust to achieve static controllability. So there is no need to take complex security measures.
4. Environmental protection type: Green environmental protection wood splitting expert-hydraulic wood splitting machine will not produce vibration, impact, noise, dust flying debris, etc., and the surrounding environment will not be affected. Work without interruption, even in densely populated areas or indoors, in urban construction, and next to tight equipment.

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