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The high pressure double gear pump HGP-22A is available in 4 form sizes. Flows up to 108 lpm and high pressures up to 250 bar. Can be forward, reverse, forward and reverse.

Let's talk about the precautions for the use of double gear pumps:

1. For hydraulic oil, please use ISO NG32~68 products with equivalent R&O type and wear resistance (viscosity index should be above 90); in addition, please use the viscosity in the range of 20~150mm2/s during operation.

2. The hydraulic oil temperature range is 5~65°C. When the oil temperature is below 5°C at startup, the hydraulic oil needs to be heated, or the oil temperature reaches 5°C during low-pressure operation, and the ambient temperature is within 0--60°C. .

3. The suction pressure is -0.03~+0.03MPa{-0.3~+0.3kgf/cm2}, and the flow rate at the suction port is within 2m/sec.

4. Avoid mounting the suction port on the underside of the pump. In addition, when the rotation speed exceeds 1800min-1, the IN inlet piping is installed on the shaft side and the head side, respectively.

5. The drive coupling is the same as the use of pulleys and gears, and the end of the shaft avoids applying radial and axial loads; the installation direction is the horizontal direction of the pump shaft.

6. Use the oil suction filter with a filtration accuracy of about 100um (150 mesh holes), and install a 25um online filter on the pipeline returning to the oil tank.

7. The contamination degree of hydraulic oil should be controlled within NAS10 grade. In addition, attention should be paid to prevent the mixing of water or other foreign matter and the discoloration of the oil. When the oil is cloudy, it means that air bubbles are mixed in. When it is brown, it means that the oil has deteriorated. .

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