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We have seen a lot of gear pumps on mechanical equipment. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the performance characteristics of gear pumps. Let's take a look at it together.

The performance characteristics of the gear pump:

1. The flow rate is basically independent of the discharge pressure, the flow rate and pressure are pulsating, there are no liquid inlet and discharge valves, the structure is simpler than the reciprocating pump, the manufacture is easy, the maintenance is convenient, the operation is reliable, and the flow rate is more uniform than that of the reciprocating pump; suitable for solids-free Impurity high viscosity liquid.

2. The relationship between the flow rate and the pressure of the gear pump is close to a straight line before a certain discharge pressure, that is, the pressure has nothing to do with the displacement. However, when the discharge pressure continues to increase, the flow rate decreases due to the increase in the leakage in the pump and the increase in the backflow of the safety valve. At a certain pressure, the flow is the largest and the efficiency is the highest, then this pressure is called the maximum working pressure of the gear pump, the displacement at this time is the rated displacement, and the efficiency is the highest efficiency.

3. The maximum allowable discharge pressure of the gear pump depends on the strength of the gear pump working mechanism and the capacity of the prime mover. In order to prevent the pump and pipeline from being damaged due to a sudden increase in the discharge pressure (such as blockage of the discharge pipe), the gear pump is generally equipped with a safety valve.

4. The gear pump has a certain self-priming capacity under normal circumstances, except that it must be filled with liquid before starting for the first time, generally it is not necessary to prime the pump. In addition, the inlet and outlet do not need to install the suction valve and the pressure valve, but in some cases, a check valve should be installed at the outlet. If there is a valve on the pipeline, the pump must be opened to start the operation, and the valve does not need to be closed when the pump is stopped, so the operation is simple.

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