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A transmission gearbox is a device that changes the speed ratio and direction of motion. It is used in automobiles, tractors, ships, machine tools, and various machines to change the torque, speed, and direction of motion transmitted from the driving shaft to the driven shaft according to different working conditions. Gear-driven gearboxes generally consist of a case and several gear pairs. The gearbox is a gearbox that changes the transmission ratio and the direction of motion. between the clutch and the center drive.


main effect:

1. Change the driving force and driving speed of the vehicle (shifting) under the condition that the engine speed and torque remain unchanged;

2. Enable the vehicle to run backward (reversing direction);

3. The engine can be stopped without turning off (neutral).


According to the transmission type, the gear-type gearbox can be divided into three types: two-shaft type, three-shaft type, and composite type.

1. The dual-shaft type has two main shafts (excluding the reverse shaft), which are only reduced by a pair of gears.

2. The three-shaft type has three main shafts (the first shaft, the intermediate shaft, and the second shaft), which are decelerated by two pairs of gears.

3. The composition type consists of two gearboxes in series or in parallel, so as to obtain more gears with fewer gears.


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