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How do maintain the gear pump and make its life longer? The gear oil pump works with two gears intermeshing and rotating, and the medium requirement is not high. The general pressure is below 6MPa, and the flow rate is relatively large. Next, I will introduce you to 5 ways to extend the service life of gear pumps.

1. Always add grease. The electric oil drum pump runs at high speed, and the grease is easy to volatilize. Therefore, the lubrication at the bearing must be kept clean, and attention should be paid to the replacement.

2 Pay attention to saving the electric oil pump should be placed in a dry, clean, and free of corrosive gas environment.

3. The gear oil pump should be checked and maintained frequently, and the electric oil drum pump should be checked and maintained frequently. The power cord must be checked: whether the internal wiring, plug, or switch is in good condition, whether the insulation resistance is normal, whether the brushtail is loose, and whether the commutator is in contact with the brush. Good, whether the armature winding stage expansion stator winding has a suitable circuit phenomenon, whether the bearing and rotating parts are damaged, etc.

4. Pay attention to the insulation resistance of the gear oil pump. For the electric pump that is not used for a long time or used in a humid environment, the insulation resistance of the winding must be measured with a 500-volt megohmmeter before use. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor casing is less than 7 megohms, the winding must be dried.

5. Save each part and replace the same parts. When disassembling and inspecting the gear oil pump, each part should be preserved. Special attention should be paid to the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof parts so that they can not be damaged, including the insulating gasket and sleeve. If damaged, must be replaced with new and identical parts. Substitute materials that are lower than the performance of the raw materials or parts that do not conform to the original specifications must not be used. When assembling, all parts should be installed in their original positions and cannot be omitted.

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