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Operators of electro-hydraulic forklifts will think that the simplicity of forklifts is that they can solve simple forklift problems by themselves. This not only saves costs but more importantly, reduces waste of time and avoids affecting the work process. Because we all understand one thing, that is, when we make an appointment for maintenance personnel, we may not be able to be in place in time, which will delay our work. The gear pump of the forklift is a part that is prone to problems. Let's talk about it together.

1. The wear and gluing of the outer circle of the forklift gear will make the radial gap larger. If it is not serious, it is not necessary to repair it, but if the situation is serious, it is necessary to change the gear of the electric hydraulic forklift.

2. There is wear on both sides of the gear. If the starting line is not very serious, you can use grinding to grind off the burr marks, but if the wear is serious, it can be ground on a grinding machine. The end face of one gear is worn, and the other gear also needs to be ground. At the same time grinding, it is necessary to ensure that the thickness difference between the two gears is within 0.005mm. When grinding electro-hydraulic forklift gears, attention should also be paid to the high precision of the end face and the hole, and the end face and the end face. After grinding, whetstone should be used to remove sharp edges and burrs, but chamfering should not be performed.

3. The oil pump gears of the electric hydraulic forklift work in one direction, and the tooth surfaces are worn on one side. Remove the burrs from the worn gears with oil stone, change the meshing position of the gears, and restore the working performance of the oil pump. The inner hole is generally not worn very much. If the wear is serious, it can be ground or the hole diameter can be ground to the repair size, and needle rollers can be selected.

4. The wear of the gear pump body of the electric hydraulic forklift generally occurs in the oil suction chamber. Some oil pumps can be repaired by the transposition method. The pump body is 180° around its own axis, and the oil suction chamber becomes the oil pressure chamber to restore its working ability. Remember that the oil pump body that cannot be repaired by the transposition method is recommended to be repaired by the copper sleeve method.

5. When the end face of the gear bearing frame of the electric hydraulic forklift is worn or the wire is roughed, the four bearing frames should be placed on the surface grinder, and the end face should be ground at one time based on the non-gear contact surface. When the gears are ground due to end face wear, grind the rear end face of the pump body to an appropriate thickness.

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