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Difference Between Hydraulic Pump and Hydraulic Motor

①The power is different. The hydraulic motor starts to work by inputting the liquid pressure, while the hydraulic pump is directly driven by other power devices such as the motor, so the structure is different. The volume seal of the motor must be reliable. To this end, a dovetail spring is installed at the blade root of the blade motor to keep it close to the stator, so that the motor can start smoothly.

②The oil inlet and outlet of the air distribution mechanism are different, and the hydraulic motor has the requirement of forward and reverse rotation, so the air distribution mechanism is symmetrical, and the diameter of the oil inlet and the oil outlet is the same; but the hydraulic pump generally rotates in one direction, Its valve mechanism and unloading groove are asymmetric, and the diameter of oil inlet and oil outlet is different.

③ The difference between self-priming, the hydraulic motor works on pressure oil, so it does not need self-priming; the hydraulic pump must have the self-priming ability.

④ Different forms of leakage prevention: the hydraulic pump adopts internal leakage, and the internal leakage port is directly connected to the oil suction port of the hydraulic pump; the motor runs in two directions, the high and low-pressure oil ports are interchanged, and the external leakage structure is adopted. (So ​​pump and motor cannot be reversed with each other) The volumetric efficiency of a hydraulic motor is lower than that of a pump.

⑤ The hydraulic motor has a large starting torque. In order to make the starting torque as close to the working state as possible, it is required that the torque ripple is small, the internal friction is small, and the number of teeth, blades and plungers are more than those of the hydraulic pump, and the pressing force of the motor axial clearance compensation device is smaller than that of the pump, so as to reduce the number of teeth, blades and plungers. friction.

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